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Posted by elisa on September 21, 2005 at 22:07:20:

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Hi ann, I just started my search, my mother's mother died when my mom was about 12 or 13 years old,(My mother is now 68) My mothers mother name was Alessandra DeSantis married to Erminio Macera. I would guess she was born in 1900 to 1910. They were living in Frosinone, Cassino, Esperia (they sometimes call the area "roccatelle"? anyway. After that -I'm guessing after war-Cassino was destroyed)they moved to Argentina- Buenos Airies. My Father a "Cardillo"-Gennaro by name was also born in Frosinone-Born to Elisabetta Ferrara and Mariano(Mario) Cardillo -My father Gennaro followed the Macera family to Argentina and eventually Married my mother Carmela Macera.Though I beleive that the DeSantis family may have remained in Frosinone somewhere around the parts that I mentioned, But What I am after is this: Did my mother's mother have any siblings? Any DeSantis information would be greatly appreciated. thanks to all.. Elisa

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