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Posted by Linda Peloquin on January 30, 2006 at 22:13:02:

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This is my first time on the Frosinone board. I just discovered a set if 3rd great grandparents who were from Pastena and I am cruising the board looking for some information on these newly discovered ancestors and their families.

Your post caught my attention. As others have asked, are you sure the name wasn't DI VONA aka DE VONA and the DI - DE was dropped when you family relocated?

I have DI VONA / DE VONA ancestors going back to my 3rd great-grandfather Erasmantonio DE VONA b. abt 1773.

They are all in Itri, Latina, Lazio, Italy. Itri is located on the Appian Way/S 7 about 9km inland from Gaeta on the coast and about 2/3's of the distance between Rome and Naples, closer to Naples.

The Later Day Saints aka Mormons have filmed the records for Itri from 1809 - 1865. Their website will help you locate a Family History Center. These are located worldwide, so maybe there will be one close to you.

The 1754 catasto lists two DE VONA families in Itri. Unfortunately, to get the catasto you eigther need to travel to Italy or do as a group of us with Itrani ancestry have done and hire someone in Italy to transcribe it for you. There are also pre 1800's baptisms and an 1809 catasto which our group is working on getting transcriptions or digital photos of since we are all in the US and getting to Italy to do it ourselves would cost more than getting it done by someone local.

Without any oral family history to give you hints as to the origin of your family and nothing but what you have here, it will be difficult for you.

I've never done any research in Hungry so I don't know what sort of documentation might exist in association with Franchesco Vona's immigration, children's births, his death, religous records for his church, town records on such things as taxes - EVERY place in the world has taxes! -, deeds, wills, guardianship, military service nor do I know what sort of access Hungry and it's towns afford family researchers to this information. Then, there is always the destruction of WW II which may have destroyed records where you are as happpended in Itri, Italy in 1944.

Good Luck. Try Itri, Latina, Italy for a start.

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