Iafrate frm Arpino, Frosinone

Posted by Michaela Iafrate on March 30, 2006 at 18:02:05:

There seem to be a lot of Iafrate's in Arpino, Frosinone and surrounding villages although I don't think the surname derives from there? Anyone able to shed some light...?
I'm the next generation from the Iafrate clan that left Arpino in the 1960s for London (all subsequently left apart from my father who still lives here). My grandfather, Antonio Iafrate was father to Emilio, Settimio, Mario, Severino, Pierino, Lina and my father, Umberto Iafrate. My mother also lived in Arpino, my parents are Umberto Iafrate and Graziella Fadda (daughter of Marianna Parravano). Micky Iafrate, aged 23, London.

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