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Posted by J.D. on June 10, 2006 at 14:29:39:

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Hi Lola
Thank you for posting the message. At the moment I am going through microfiche films to try to trace the marriage cetificate of my grandparents. It is thought they were marreid in Sant'Elia fiumerapido in July 1878, but so far I cant find the record of the marriage on that film, 1860-1879 I may have to order another one with later dates. I think I have found the 'birth act' for my grandmother 1861- but the spelling is not Bastianelli as I always thought it was but Bastianiello but there has been so many different version of the spelling of the name on the genuine records I do have that I don't know which is the proper one. I have also found two birth acts which either could be my grandfather, problem is one is 1853 and the other is 1860. One date fits in with the age he was when he died but the details on the other one matches the names of his parents which was noted on his death certifcate which I have recently found. I'm going back to the 'family history centre' again next week to double check. My late husbands mother's maiden name was Bastianelli and she came from Contrada Concello Atina. I know very little Italian and it makes it very difficult trying to translate the documents.
Thanks again for writing

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