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Posted by Vincenza on July 13, 2006 at 22:35:02:

My name is Vincenza Maola and my husband is Domenico Maola. We are searching for information on my grandparents and great-grandparents who lived in the cities of Casalvieri, Vicalvi, Frosinone Province, Italy; also, known as Via Maola (Maola).

Domenico Maola Family

My grandparents were Domenico Maola born around 1905, married to
Adaligisa Maola born on November 25, 1913. They had 8 children Benedetto, Antonio, Armando, Maria, Dionizia, Filomena, Antonietta and Gino Maola.

Domenico Maola father was Antonio Maola was born 1882 and married to Raffaela Rocca on 20 Nov 1904. They children were Domenico, Celesta, Angelina, Serafino and Luisetta.

Antonio Maola father was Roberto Serafino Maola January 29, 1861 married to Luisetta D'Agostino born 1959. Marriage date was March 13, 1879. They children were Antonio, Giuseppa, Emilia, and Onorio Maola.

Roberto Serafino Maola father was Antonio Maola 05 Dec 1828 married Maria Celesta Rosati married on April 18, 1958 . Children were Maria, Roberto Serafino, Francesco Antonio Maola.

Antonio Maola father was Francesco Maola married to Francesca Reale.

Adaligisa Maola Family

Adaligisa Maola father was Benedetto Maola married to Filomena Niro on 29 May 1899, they children Annunziata, Fiorina and Adaligisa Maola.

Benedetto Maola born on January 23, 1881 his father name was Domenico Maola born on May 16, 1841 married to Maria Rocca born 1844. They children were Annunziata & Benedetto Maola.

Domenico Maola father was Benedetto Maola born around 1805 married on January 13, 1829 to Livia Iacobelli born around 1809 and they children were Maria, Donato, Elisabetta, Domenico, Antonio, and Domenico & Anna Maola.

Benedetto Maola father was Donato Maola married to Anna DiCarlo and 2 of their children were Luigi & Benedetto Maola believed that there should have had more children.

If anyone is related to, knows someone related to, or has information regarding the individuals mentioned above; I would very much appreciate hearing from you.

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