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Posted by tony Iafrate on August 14, 2006 at 14:34:06:

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Dear Michaela,

I read your letter in "abruzzoforum" with interest. As you can see I have the same family name as you and my Grand Father loreto Iafrate born in Aroino in 1872 and came to this country in 1896. I confirm Ann's interpretation of the meaning of Iafrate althow in my case I understood it to mean IA - a familiar term fot the Pope - and frate Brother of the Pope sorrey to "out do you!!

I have fairly recently been to Arpino but on the day the local Council offices were closed. At the time there were 111 Iafrate's in the local telephone directory and 4 Iafrates on the War memorial. Do you think we have a hero in our family tree.

I also went to the cemetary and discovered a number of tombs for various Iafrate families, going back years. I was struck by one in particular associated with the Capone family but assume that that one is on YOUR side of the family!
I also discovered that a Catherine Iafrate married an English Duke who was subsequenly linked by marriage to the Royal Family. Unfortunately I have misslaid the information but if you go back to the early Kings of England and follow the Family tree though you might be able to trace her.

For your information we were the only Iafrate's in the London Telephone Directory until about 1955 and we lived in Chelsea where my Father new many people in the London Italians community.

Hope my infomation is of interect to you



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