Re: Iafrate frm Arpino, Frosinone

Posted by Sarah Font on October 30, 2009 at 05:29:11:

I have been looking for a Iafrate family that I believed to have originated from Arpino. Salvatore Iafrate (born 1867?) whose name was changed to Yafrate in 1917(?) when he immigrated from the port of Naples to Ellis Island. He was married to Philomena (born 1871?), and they had 13 children (the youngest was my grandma). I know Salvatore's brother paid for him to come to America but do not know his name and there is no record of him at Ellis Island even though my grandma showed me the paper signed by King Emmanuel. My grandma, unfortunately, doesn't remember any of her uncles' or aunts' names. If Salvatore Iafrate sounds familiar to any of your families, I'd be much appreciative to receive any info.

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