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Posted by Linda Peloquin on February 05, 2006 at 23:08:32:

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Thanks for replying. I'm on the east coast of the US and working from the records that the LDS filmed. For Itri the only period covered is 1809 - 1865. Unfortunately, the filmed records for Pastena are also only for the period of 1809 - 1865. I'm not able to go farther back in Itri or Pastena on the FHL films than 1809.

I have a transcript of the 1754 catasto for Itri but once I saw Pastena as the place of residence for Teresa ROSATO and her male relation, Luca ROSATO, I didn't bother to check it for any ROSATO/ROSATI families.

I've seen both spellings as well of ROSATI/ROSATO in the Itrani records where Teresa appears. Rosato seems to be the more numerous spelling of her surname in the records.

The marriage act, dtd 26 Jul 1812, of Francesco Antonio CANNELLA of Itri to Teresa ROSATO is one of the better records. The record when filmed appears to have been in excellent condition and the person who originally wrote out the record had very clear, understandable penmanship. The comune is definately Pastena.

No comune is given for Teresa's deceased parents, only for Luca ROSATO who is also listed as residing in Pastena. This older style marriage act also does not list the relationship of Luca to Teresa so at the present time I can't say if he is her grandfather, an uncle or a brother. Nor does it give an age for him that might assist in speculating upon the relationship.

When you say there are no families of the surname ROSATO/ROSATI in Pastena, what time period are you speaking of? It seems probable from what you've told me, that Romana BRAVO, at least, is a native of Pastena. Perhaps Leonardo ROSATO, moved to Pastena upon his marriage to Romana.

Do you know of anyway, other than hiring someone over there, that I can get copies of the marriage and death records for Leonardo ROSATO d. 1803 and Romana BRAVO d. 1802? Or birth records for their children? The "for hire" researchers in Italy I've seen so far, are beyond my budget.

Thank you again for taking the time to reply to my post.


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