Dalaco, Delago, Dell'Orco

Posted by Nancy on January 19, 2007 at 01:33:18:

I hope someone here can help me find my grandparents' hometowns. Every clue I've had has turned into a dead end.

My grandfather's name was PHILLIP DALACO. He was born on April 14, 1890. Original spelling of his name may have been DELL'ORCO. I've pieced this much of his story together from the few bits of information I've been able to find.

He was stationed at the Field Artillery Barracks in Coblenz, Germany at the time of the 1920 US census (April, 1920). My grandmother and oldest aunt were there with him. On the census, their US address is listed as 44 Silver Street, Rochester New York, but after looking through city directories and checking the census from other years, I find no evidence they ever lived there.

On July 31, 1920, I find record that my grandmother and aunt travelled to the US on the Pocahontas from Antwerp to Hoboken, New Jersey. The passenger list indicates they were travelling with my grandfather, but I can't find his name anywhere on the ship manifest.

My mother was born in Phoenix, New York in October, 1930 and I do find them listed as residents there in the 1930 census - name spelled DELAGO. His year of immigration is listed as 1912 and hers as 1919. My Aunt Severina was not living with them at that time. I think I remember my mother saying that she stayed with relatives for awhile, but I don't know where or why.

That is all I've been able to find. In searching online, I find a Lorenzo Dalaco, who died in New Orleans several years ago. I remember hearing about "Uncle Lawrence" but I don't remember any details.

My grandmother's name was MARIA LOUISA FASULO (Born March 29, 1889). I don't know where she was born nor when or where she and my grandfather were married. I have copies of both of their death certificates and their parents are listed as ANTHONY DALACO AND ANOTONIA PRIMIANO and PASQUALE FASULO AND CARMELLA MIDUNIO.

I think only my oldest aunt, Severina (known as Sarah), was born in Italy. They also had Carmella, Antoinette, Patsy, Nancy, Patrick, and Theresa. Only Nancy and Theresa are still alive.

The reason I am posting this here is that I've noticed that Dell'Orco is a popular surname here.

If these names are familiar to anyone and you have ANY information you can share, I would be very grateful.

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