Nigeria scam letter

Posted by Ann Tatangelo on November 22, 2007 at 09:07:19:

I want to apologise to any readers who may have received a scam email from Ann Tatangelo using my name and from one of my three web mail accounts. Three web email accounts were broken into and used to send this scam message. My computer was not accessed, although Hotmail did shut down my IP address for all MSN customers making it impossible to contact them directly except from a friends computer. Although I was able to let many people know within 3 days, I had many contacts in my address book that I had not kept a copy of. From a Google search I learned that these people gain access to your mailbox via a link in a seemingly harmless email. You click, and they are in. I am almost sure this came from a message board where I had left my email address. My apologies to all. My Google account has been returned to me, intact, and I expect Hotmail to do the same within days. I have now set up an email account where addresses will not be maintained, so people can contact me personally as before. I am still reeling from this invasion of my privacy. Thanks for your understanding.

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