Re: looking for my family?

Posted by ejcola- AT - juno  - NAME: Francis Colavito on 07/31/03 at 7:25 PM

Subject: Re: looking for my family?

In Reply to: Re: looking for my family? posted by Rose on 07/31/03 at 1:37 PM:

Dear Rosetta,
Thank you for the compliment on my use of the computer but all I know is to "hunt - AT - peck" e-mail and sometimes check out a website. I will have to take you up on the offer to write in Italian to the Commune in Italy.
Until your last e-mail I was under the impression the mail was coming from Italy.
Don't sell your father short, he may have other interest than the computer.
I learned what little I know so as to keep in touch with our far flung grand
nephews - AT - nieces from Calif.,Wash. Lousianna, Va., No. Car. N.Y., N.J. etc..
At 84 it gives me something I enjoy; keeping in touch with family!
Again, thank you for all the attention you give my e-mail, keep in touch.
Francis(Frank) (Francesco)and then some

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