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I have tried 5 times to send you mail and each time it has been refused so I will send you the info on my father via the forum. Here is what I have:
Antonio Colavita, born 13 June 1873 to Gieuseppi Colavita & Filomena Mancini
recorded in S.Elia a Pianisi, Compobasso Italy. He migrated to America Sept. 1900 from the Port of Naples and arriving New York City. He came with a seatrunk and three large framed photos; one of his mother (taken in a coffin) indicating she was deceased; one of his father and one of a Carabinieri who we think was a brother or uncle.(?) We are trying to obtain family records of whether he had brothers & sisters; names and dates of births & deaths etc as far back as possible.Was he married to a Marie Paluso? Did they have any children? It appears he came over as a widower as his ship's manifest indicated he was to live with a brother-in-law in N.Y.C..Back then you could not enter the U.S.A. without a sponsor or a place to live.
I hope I am not giving you too big a task and an inposition. The grand nieces & nephews are on me for all the info I can obtain for them. To top it off none of can speak or understand Italian.I know a few words & expressions, only enough to be fed and find lodgings.
Been to Rome four times and once all the way down to Sicily but had to depend on the Tour Guide. Hope this is not too much for you to undertake and I assure you it is deeply appreciated.
Take care, Ciao, Frank

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