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Subject: Iatauro family


My name is Cláudio Iatauro. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and I am taking the initiative to get in touch with you, due to the fact that we have the same "family name".

I assumed that somehow we might have some sort of same origin, once Iatauro is not definetly a common name.

I have been searching around the origins of Iatauro surname, (Vinchiaturo, Campobasso, Italy) and my main target is to try to put together the highest possible amount of available information, in order to build up the Iatauro’s genealogic tree, as well as if possible, to get to know some of my possible "relatives". By doing that, I also expect to be able to make new friends.

Well, if you can help me, I want know about brothers of my great-grandfathers named Bernardino Iatauro and Carolina di Ioia. They were born in Vinchiaturo, Piazza Municipio, 17 (today 28).

Therefore, I will be extremely thankfull if you could get in touch with me through my e-mail iatauro- AT - terra.com.br, in order to introduce ourselves.

I will be happy if you can give me this opportunity and to be able to exchange some relevant "family" informations.

Looking forward to your earliest response, please accept my personal,

Kind Regards,
Cláudio Iatauro

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