Elena Margherita Picciano

Posted by rcagle- AT - dcanale  - NAME: Robin Cagle on 02/26/03 at 10:02 AM

Subject: Elena Margherita Picciano

I am looking for information on My Great Grandmother Elena Picciano. She arrived in New York (Ellis Island) on December 24th 1907 at the age of 16. She left from Naples on the ship the Florida. On the Manifest she was traveling with quite a few family members. Most were children. The children were close in age so I have to believe they were not all her sisters and brothers. I do know she had a sister name Evo and a brother Antonio. My Grandmothers Parent was 41 years old. On one sheet of the manifest it states that it was her father and on the other one it states that it was her mother. I am not sure but I have a feeling it was her mother. She was from Busso Campbasso, Italy. If anyone has any information please e-mail me.

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