Mazzalonga family in Campobasso

Posted by Irene Mazzalonga Gianesses on 03/11/03 at 8:44 AM

Subject: Mazzalonga family in Campobasso

I am searching for my grandfather's family in Campobasso. His name was Nicola Mazzalonga and he emigrated to New York late 1890s early 1900s living in Ozone Park, Queens, New York. I am particularly searching for our cousin Rafaele who accompanied my grandfather home to NY from a trip to Italy in 1969. Nicola became ill in Italy while visiting his family and Rafaele brought him home. My grandfather died that year, but Rafaele stayed on in NY living with my uncle, James Mazzalonga, and was a frequent visitor to my parents, Louis and Carmela Mazzalonga until he returned to Italy the next year. With subsequent deaths in the family, we have lost any paperwork we may have had with Rafaele's last name. He was either the son or grandson of my grandfather's sister, therefore, he has a different last name. Any information would be appreciated. Please contact me.

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