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Well...they are definately from Casacalenda. However, there are some interesting things here.

Maria Louisa Perna born 26 Feb. 1874 to Domenico Perna, age 27 and son of Francesco and his wife Maria Concetta Lazazzara.
Married Giuseppantonio Miozza on 5 Feb 1898.

Domenico Antonio Perna born 20 March 1846 to Francesco Perna age 33 (and son of Giovanni) and his wife
Maria Michele Forcione, age 32

Giuseppantonio Miozza born 12 Nov 1876 to Michelangelo Miozza, age 25, and his wife
Maria Rosa Claudio

Michelangelo Miozza was born 24 April 1848 to Giuseppe Miozza, age 26 (son of Michelangelo) and his wife Fortunata Vincelli age 26 Married Maria Rosaria Claudio on 2 Oct 1873

Maria Fortunata Vincelli was born 17 Aug 1822 to Bernadino Vincelli, age 41 (son of Francesco) and his wife Maria Schiavone age 40

Maria Rosaria Claudio was born 7 April 1855 to Pasquale Claudio, son of Pasquale (who is dead) and his wife Maria Mattiaccio.

Pasquale Claudio was born 16 August 1832 to Pasquale Claudio, who is dead, son of Vincenzo and his wife Agnese Amoruso, age 30, daughter of Filippo.

Pasquale Claudio the elder, died on 4 April 1832 at age of 36, son of Vincezo Claudio who is dead and Teresa Donatone who is also dead. Pasquale was born in Trivento...east of Casacalenda.

Will attempt to get the rest...but moving into the unindexed portions and it takes time. There is a Giuseppantonio Miozza born on 1 March 1821 to Michelangelo Miozza and Maria Giuseppa Di Blasio. Michelangelo was the son of Pardo Miozza. This comes from my records, but have not located it in the actual records as of yet...will do it ASAP.

However, my ancestor Carlo is the son of Pardo born 1730 or so and his wife, Carmina Vincelli. Will have to try and determine if they are brothers or just related in some other manner.

Will return when I get more.....

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