Visit to Ripabottoni

Posted by Paul on January 11, 2007 at 02:27:27:

A group of our family, probably twelve of us, will be trekking to Molise, specifically Ripabottoni, to celebrate several events, including our father's 94th birthday. He is in excellent health and we all will be travelling from the US midwest. We plan to be there in mid to late October.

Wow. Do we need help!

Several of us have extensive international travel experience, but unfortunately none have been to Italy, apart from the Patriarch, who isn't able to give us a lot of direction. We've done the normal Internet searching, but aren't thrilled with what we've found re: accomodations. Distances are too great and a bit out of our class.

Any ideas?

This is a trip for which several of our families have been saving for years. It's a dream Father has bring everyone home.


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