Campobasso is the safest city.

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(AGI) - Rome, Jun 26 - Trento is the city with the highest quality of life in Italy, reveals a survey by Altroconsumo, an independent consumer association, carried out between October and November 2006 on the quality of life in 21 Italian cities. The survey showed that the cities with the highest quality of life after Trento were Bolzano, Aosta, Trieste, Bologna, and Perugia, according to the cities' own residents. The last places featured the southern cities: Naples, Palermo, Bari, and Reggio Calabria. 60 percent of interviewees in these latter cities wouldn't have any qualms about moving out. And who are the people who are most fond of their cities? The citizens of Genoa, Trieste, Venice, and Mestre. As for the evaluation parameters, the priority aspects, according to Italians, are security and the fight against crime. The city deemed to be the most dangerous is Naples, followed by Bari, Milan, Palermo, and Turin; the perception of security improves in less crowded cities. Campobasso is the safest city. Another important requisite is the availability of jobs. Unfortunately, southern cities don't excel in this; in fact, the least satisfied cities are Naples, Reggio Calabria, and Palermo. The opposite is true for Trento and Bolzano, which are the top two cities in Europe for job availability. What about public transport? Here, too, things aren't much better in the south. Almost all regional capitals do poorly due to the poor quality over price relationship. The last places go to Naples and Palermo, preceded by Florence and Rome.


Researching in Campobasso (CB): Allocati aka Locato, Antenucci, Armellino, Cerio, Colitto, Colucci, Cristina, de Rensis, del Rosso, di Niro aka de Nigris, di Nonno, di Rito, di Soccio aka de Socio, di Tota, Diodato, Eliseo, Fagliarone, Gammieri, Gianfagna, Guastaferro, Iabutto, Iammarino, Iannantuono, Latessa, Libertone, Libertucci, Livignali, Mancini, Marrone, Morena, Mucci aka Muccio aka Muccitto, Palladino, Paolecchia, Pasqualone, Piaccia, Pietrunto, Presutti, Romano, Salotto aka Salottolo, Santacroce, Santoro, Starruccio, Torella, Trotta, Vallillo, Veleno aka Veneno, Villano

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