Pardo Antonio Verdecampo - Larino

Posted by Sabrina Verdecampo on February 28, 2008 at 12:05:56:

Hello, I am trying to locate information on my great grandfather Pardo Antonio Verdecampo. I only know that he was born around 1905 and that he became a master accordion player. I also know he was the first to introduce the piano accordion to the region and that he travelled from village to village playing his music. He died sometime in 1942 returning home on leave from the world war 2. He was married to Lucia and they had my grandfather Giuseppe Verdecampo. Lucia died when my grandfather was still a baby and Pardo Antonio remarried Maria Concetta who could be Lucia's sister (that part is unclear to me) The details of his life are very unclear and I would appreciate anyone who would have any information about him.

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