Re: Surname's (D'Andrea, Iacovetti, Rossi, Santucci,Mancini)

Posted by Mike on 06/05/03 at 11:22 AM

Subject:   Re: Surname's (D'Andrea, Iacovetti, Rossi, Santucci,Mancini)

Pia,How are you? I have family(D'Andrea's) that live in Chicago. Here are the names of my relatives that came over from Pizzone, I don't know if there is still any family over there. If you speak to anyone with the same last name maybe they might know if they are in their family line. Giuseppe D'Andrea(my grandfather)came to America in 1912 and his brother Nicola D'Andrea came to America around 1907. Their mother Loreta Rossi came to America in 1916. Their father Antonio D'Andrea stayed in Italy. Giuseppe's wife was born in America but her parents were from Pizzone. Their names were Christino Iacovetti and his wife Maria(Mancini). They came over around the same time. If you take any photo's of Pizzone could you send me some? Thanks for responding to my post.Arrivederci,Mike

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