Re: Procaccini/Rossi/Carnevale

Posted by Michael Robinson on 12/25/03 at 4:30 PM

Subject:   Re: Procaccini/Rossi/Carnevale

In Reply to: Procaccini/Rossi/Carnevale posted by Gabrielle Procassini-Wells on 06/20/03 at 5:19 PM:

Hi, My wife Dana (Carnevale) Robinson (*nee' Harwood) from Princeton, N.J. is making Xmas 2003 dessert and her grandfather, Olindo Carnevale, 91 years old, is here now. He is son of Dominico Carnevale and Joannella Carnevale (nee' Nini) originally from Petoronella in Isernia, Italy. His wife, Emma Carnevale (nee' Procaccinno...Proccacini before Ellis Island) knew just about everybody in Princeton, N.J. who was "from the other side" God rest her soul. There are some Procaccini's in Princeton that we are "not related to" says Dana- ...(but I wonder about that). Ganfrancesco from Roccamandolfo was Emma Carnevalle's mother, Dana's maternal-maternal-maternal greatgrandmother.

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