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Posted by david henderson on May 27, 2004 at 18:56:59:

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Saw your note about Lucia Proccacini. I have a Lucia Proccacini from Pettoranello who is my great-great-grandmother. I find her lkisted on my great grandfather's 1898 Ellis Is manifest as being at 100 River street in Newark NJ and he is going to meet her.

I have been putting together a family history and my Great Grandfather was Giovanni Pinelli
of Pettoranello. His Mother was Felicia Carnevale and Father was Marcellino Pinelli both
of Pettoranello di Molise. I don't think either of his parents immigrated to America.
He came thru NY in 1887 and stayed til 1889 and traveled in 1887 with many men from
Pettoranello who ended up in Princeton. He then returned in 1898 and the Ellis Is manifest
states he was going to Newark NJ to meet hids mother in law Lucia Proccacini at 100 River
Street. Giovanni was married, in Italy to Olimpia Toto whose father was Dominic Toto and
Mother was Lucia Proccacini. Olimpia came to the US in 1906 to Princton NJ to meet
Giovanni. They had 4 maybe 5 children one of which (Giacomo- Americanized to George)
was my grandfather. All of the Pinelli children came to the US.

I am trying specifically to find info on Lucia Proccacini, Dominic Toto and the Carnevale's
and anything to do with their Pettoranello heritage.
I think Achille and Angelo Carnevale of Pettoranello and later Princeton were uncles
of Giovanni's

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