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Posted by Regina Green (Story) on April 19, 2007 at 07:02:59:

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Wow, I think I just stumbled upon something very cool! My name is Regina, I am the daughter of Gabrielle Procassini, who started this thread. My mom often finds things on the internet, then loses them - I imagine that's what she did here. We are the last of the Procassini's out West (that we know of), and after my Grandfather (Andrew Anthony Procassini) died in 2001, my mother has been very eagr to learn more about our heritage. All she knows is the little bit he had time to tell her. I barely know anything except the names of a few relatives - I actually just stumbled into this site by accident & when I saw my mom's name, I had to look deeper.

I have a great uncle Tony (Anthony Procassini) in Ann Arbor, MI - I also have an aunt Jenny in New Jersey, but I don't think that's her real first name, and I don't know her last name. I've actually not seen her since I was a tiny baby (27 now).

I can tell you that my grandfather (Andrew) & his brother Anthony, married sisters - Janine & Dawn Trombley. Janine is my grandmother & Dawn is my great-aunt.

Boy, the last reply to this was 3 years ago, I sure hope some of you check back in!


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