DeSalvatore/DiSalvatore De Salvatore/dDi Salvatore

Posted by Cherie (DeSalvatore) Ferrantello on 01/28/04 at 12:29 PM

Subject:   DeSalvatore/DiSalvatore De Salvatore/dDi Salvatore

My name is Cherie (DeSalvatore) Ferrantello. I saw my surname in Molise. Wanting very much to know more about my Great Grandfather Enrico DeSalvatore, born 1881. Did he have brother's and sister's? What were his parent's name. I'm DYING TO KNOW!!! hee hee My father knows nothing and his father died (my Grandfather) many years ago before I was born in 1965. The ship records have him as DiSalvatore. So many different ways to spell it but so few DeSalvatore's. I'm lost. Thanks for any help. P.S He lived in Norristown, Pa. He was married to my Great Grandmother Eleanor (Lena) Ciccarone DeSalvatore.They had my Grandfather Alberto, Eddie, Yolanda, Annie, another daughter and two children that died, Rose and Valerio. Thanks!!

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