D'Andrea/Ferrara/Tonti/Fantana Family

Posted by Joan D'Andrea on April 14, 2004 at 18:05:47:

Posted by Joan D'Andrea on April 14, 2004 at 01:53:59:

Hello. I am searching for information about the family of my paternal grandfather Carlo D'Andrea. My father told me his father, Carlo, told him the family came to Forli from France,but Ihave no idea as to what part of France. Carlo, however, was born in Forli Del Sannio on October 30, 1869. His father was Dominico D'Andrea and his mother was Angelina Ferrara. Grandfather Carlo met and married my Grandmother, Lucia Tonti, in 1894. She was the daughter of Dominico Tonti and Gieuseppa Fantone. I have a copy of the first Ban of marriage for Carlo and Lucia, but that is the only record I have. Great Grandfather Tonti left Italy in 1880 and homesteaded in Idaho State. His wife joined him later. They left my Grandmother behind in Italy to live with relatives and she did not see them again until she was a grown woman with children of her own. Grandpa Carlo traveled to the United States alone in about 1895. Family lore says he traveled first to South America to visit cousins and then to the USA. He was looking for a good place to move his family. He finally visited Granma Lucy's parents and made arrangements for their return to the USA. He went to work as a Porter to earn the money for their passage in 1900 He and my grandmother and their oldest son, Francesco Alesandro, sailed on the Steamer Trave to New York and then traveled across the US by train.

I hope to learn something about family stayed behind. I think Angelina and Dominico had other children, but I am uncertain as to their names.

It is my understanding that there is a beautiful church in the area. I hope to find information concerning their birth and baptism. I have found a few records through the LDS photocopies of the Provincial Records, but many were destroyed in World War II.

If anyone could help me with the name of the church in the area where they were most likely babtised and married and of course, any clues to who may still live there now who would be related.

I have letters my Grandmother received from friends and relatives in Forli when she was living in the USA, but like all letters between friends,they have only first names. Perhaps someone in Forli has the letters my grandmother wrote to their grandmother so long ago.

Thank you,

Joan D'Andrea

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