marcovecchio family - familia marcovecchio

Posted by Patricia Villagra Marcovecchio on May 16, 2004 at 05:48:52:

: My name is Patricia villagra Marcovecchio, i'll wish contact to Marcovecchio's family in diffrent place of the world.
: i was born in Argentina and i know that my great grandfather was born in Italy, Agnone isernia. He's name
: is Fioravantti Marcovecchio and he was emigrated to argentina in 1880 married and 3 childrens, maria carmela and josefina, your whife dead in 1905, and married with Juana Goyenetche, have seven childrens domingo,americo,luis,luisa,magdalena,angela and agustin ,my grandfather born in 1913 and dead 1991.
fioravanti dead 1935 in Rauch,Buenos Aires Argentina
: if somebody know anything else about the marcovecchio' family please contact to me. Thanks

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