Lecce nei Marsi

Posted by Peggy Leva on July 23, 2004 at 17:00:52:


I hope someone can explain something to me. My Paternal Grandmother came from Lecce nei Marsi. Her name was Eusebia Petrucci and she married my Grandfather Pasquale Leva in 1901. On certain documents I have, I see the town spelt differently. On the ellis island records the town is spelt Lecce "nei" Marsi but on my GF's naturalization paperwork it is spelt Lecce "dei" Marsi. Also on other paperwork the name differs, on some it is nei and on others it is dei. Is lecce "nei and dei" Marsi one and the same? Also I can not locate this town on a map, I know that it is not too far from NAPOLI but when I look for it on a map of Italy I can not locate it. I can see a town Lecce that is located at the boot but that one can not be her town. I hope someone can explain this to me. Please reply to my email address mleva@erols.com. Thank You in advance. Peggy

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