Caropreso from Craco

Posted by Karen Bennett on April 16, 2006 at 02:49:14:

I am looking for any info on my grandmother's background. Her name was Apollonia Caropreso or Caroprese or Caropreto and she was from Craco, born 1884. Her mother died, and she went to live with an aunt and uncle in Potenza; I believe she was an only child. Her father arranged her marriage to my grandfather, Giovanni Bentivenga (from San Chirico Raparo). They all ended up in Philadelphia, where her father also remarried, I think, and had other children.

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From the civil records online at
  • Craco birth record 21 June 1884 no. 40: Caropreso Apollonia Filomena, father Domenico 32 vetturale, mother Maria Benedetto, address Borgo Risorgimento 9
  • Craco marriage record 1880 no.6 : Caropreso Domenico Maria 28 born in Guardia Perticara of late Giuseppe and Apollonia Micucci; with Maria Benedetto 33 of Domenico and Rosa Spera.

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