Pescuma from Forenza

Posted by Shawn Lang on 05/30/03 at 1:35 PM

My grandmother was Amelia Pescuma. She was born in Forenza in 1894 to Maria Cristina Pietragalla and Gerardo Pescuma. There were three other siblings: Luigina, Michaelangelo and Carmine.

Family folklore holds that Gerardo died at sea while transferring the family business. Amelia came to the US via Ellis Island in 1903, with her mother, her sister and her sister's husband John Zara. Two years later, her brothers came to the US, but Michael was not allowed into the States. Maria Cristina remarried, moved to Boston, and had 4 more children.

It appears that Michael tried to come back to the US in 1907 but was again refused entry and is said to have gone to Argentina to live with relatives. I am in touch with Pescuma's in Argentina who have a different story, with similar threads.

Any assistance with information, or tips on how to access birth/death/marriage records from Forenza would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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