Fanelli, Joseph b. 1848 Laurenzana, Potenza, IT

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Subject:   Fanelli, Joseph b. 1848 Laurenzana, Potenza, IT

Joseph Fanelli b. Apr 1848 Laurenzana, Potenza, IT
married: Mary
1.Frank Fanelli b. Nov 1872 Laurenzana, Potenza, IT
2.Charles J. Fanelli b. Mar 1877 Laurenzana, Potenza, IT
3.Salvator Fanelli b. 1878 Laurenzana, Potenza, IT
married Rochatella Dallesandro b. 1881
children: 3a-Marie Fanelli b. 27 Nov 1902
New Rochelle, Westchester, NY
3b-Joseph H. Fanelli 24 Apr 1904 NY
3c-Felomena Florence Fanelli
3d-Rocco Fanelli 19 Mar 1907
3e-Elsie Fanelli 10 Jul 1911
3f-Edward Robert Fanelli 14 Oct 1915
3g-Ida Fanelli
4. Fartune/Fortunate Fanelli b. Nov 1881
Laurenzana, Potenza, IT
married: Richetta Cucci b. 1881 Conn. USA
children: Joseph, Salvatore, Maria, William

5. Leonard A. Fanelli b. 25 Dec 1883 IT
married: Laura E. b. abt 1889 NY
children: Maria L., Florence E., Leonard J.,Ruth E.,Henry G.

6. George Fanelli b. Mar 1886 IT
married: Mary
children: Joseph G., Robert, Helen M., Thomas F.

7. Santo Fanelli b. Nov 1888 IT

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