Sarapo family from Grumento Nova (Saponara)

Posted by Alejandro Sarapo on 02/08/03 at 4:13 PM

Hi, mi name is Alejandro Sarapo, im from Cordoba Argentina, but actually im living in Miami. I'm would like to get some information about the father of my grandfather, born in Grumento Nova between 1850 and 1855. His name is Antonio Sarapo and had 3 sisters - Angela, Carmen, Madalena - and a brother Domenico. I got information about 2 Antonios Sarapo born in Grumento Nova, one in 1855 and the other in 1850. I need to get some more information about them to know which one is my family. Antonio went to live in Argentina around 1870. If somebody could help me I will appreciate that. If somebody can help me or give me an idea it will be great.

Thank you, Alejandro Sarapo

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From records made available online at and arrivals in Argentina on Altre Italie:
  • From Altre Italie (may not be related): Sarapo Domenico | Età: 47 | Sposato/a | Professione: comerciante | Porto: Genova | Nave: Centro America | Data di arrivo: 22-05-1902
  • Children of Antonio Sarapo baptized in Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Cordoba may repeat grandparents' names: Pasquale, Angela, Maria Angela, Raffaele
  • In the Argentina census of 1869, in Cordoba, there is a family of Rafael Sarapo, 48, with children Antonio 12 (born Italy); Angela 4 (born Argentina); Madalena 2 (born Argentina). He might we widowed, no wife is recorded.
  • Death record 9 Dec 1870, Córdoba Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, Domenico Sarapo, 3 years old, son of Rafael and Carolina Rico [since the name does not appear in the 1869 census, census dated 1869 was possibly completed afterwards so at least two years should be subtracted to ages recorded in the census]
  • Argentina, Córdoba Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Matrimonios 1882-1883 - 16 July 1883 Juan Nigro with Angela Sarapo, 17 years old, born in Buenos Aires, of Rafael Sarapo and Carolina Arrico both born in Italy. [Angela was born therefore 1865-1866 after emigration of the parents]
  • In the Argentina census of 1869, Buenos Aires Distrito Federal Sección 03 there is a Pascual Sarapo, 48, born in Italy 1821, with son Domingo 14 born in Italy. Uncertain if related.

Update from Forums' Editor

From the civil records made available online at
    Searching Birth records in Saponara (old name of Grumento Nova) for names of siblings mentioned in the post [Angela, Carmen, Madalena, Domenico]- years 1855, 1860 and 1864 are missing online.
  • Marriage record 12 July 1846, no. 19, imgs 38-39-40: Francesco Sarapo, 23, born in Saponara of Raffaela Sarapo; with Carmina Toscano 27, of late Nicola and Teresa Bove
  • Processetto of above marriage, 1846 imgs 160-161-162-163-164-165-166-167, where it appears that at birth name was Luigi Giuseppe Sarapo, 6 oct 1922, son of Raffaella 36 (born abt 1786), img 131.
  • Birth record 15 June 1847: Sarapo Luigi, parents: Francesco, Toscano Carmina - Luigi died 1857
  • Birth record 5 June 1849: Sarapo Maria Michela, parents: Francesco, Toscano Carmina
  • Birth record 18 March 1850: Sarapo Raffaela, parents: Sarapo Teresa
  • Birth record 27 April 1850: Sarapo Antonio, parents: Nicola, Nigro Rosa
  • Birth record 16 Nov 1851: Sarapo Francesca Paola Maria Raffaela, parents: Francesco, Toscano Carmina
  • Birth record 9 Febr 1854: Sarapo Raffaele, parents: Francesco Sarapo of Raffaela, 31, Toscano Carmina of late Nicola 30
  • Death record 8 Sept 1862: Sarapo Teresa, 2 years old, parents: Francesco, Toscano Carmina

Comments from Forums' Editor

The difficulty of finding Antonio's record may derive from his father's name. It is possible on emigration Francesco Sarapo declared his name as "Raffaele" to honor his mother and a son lost in 1854. In the census there is no wife, so he was probably a widower.

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