Re: Mazziotta-Andreassi family

Posted by Pat on 07/11/03 at 3:42 PM

Subject:   Re: Mazziotta-Andreassi family

In Reply to: Re: Mazziotta-Andreassi family posted by Marcella Mazziotta on 07/11/03 at 6:06 AM:

The only relatives related to the Mazziottas that I have in Canada are my cousins Guido & Tueto D'Arconte. Along with their father, Emilio, they
were unable to get into the United States because of the war, and were forced to emigrate to Montreal, Canada, where they ended up staying. Do you have any first names of the Mazziotas' that you could tell me? Maybe I could tell you
if I am related to any of them. I can go back as far as 1853. If I am related to them, then maybe we are related to each other.


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