Looking for Relatives in Potenza/Matera/Basilicata

Posted by Anthony Mazzoccoli on 08/18/03 at 3:15 PM

Subject:   Looking for Relatives in Potenza/Matera/Basilicata

Hello to My Family in Italy:

My name is Anthony Mazzoccoli. I'm an American citizen, born in Trenton, New Jersey (USA). I live in Virginia (USA)with my wife and son, and have Mazzoccoli relatives living throughout the United States (i.e. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia).

My family entered into the United States at the turn of the 20th century through Ellis Island, New York. The patriarch of our family was Silvestro Mazzoccoli, who resided in Morris Plains, New Jersey, and sired 6 children: Anne; Rocco; Dina; Angelo; Lucy; and William. He lived in Montescoglioso, before departing for the United States.

I invite all relatives from the region to contact me. Our heritage in the United States has been rich and rewarding. Thank you.

Anthony "Tony" Mazzoccoli

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