DeVito-Rubino family from San Fele

Posted by Marie Mancuso on 10/25/03 at 1:08 AM

Vincenzo DeVito born 1838 married Angela Rosa Rubino (ca 20 years younger than himself); Vincenzo came to the USA around 1880, so he was about 42 years old. Two sons were born in San Fele: Michele (possibly baptized Pasquale) and Daniel (possibly baptized Antonio). There could have been other siblings of Vincenzo, but I am not sure.

One son, Michele, married Pasqualina Lanza in 1889, in New York City. They had 5 children, 3 survived up until the 1970's.
Another son, Daniel, married Sarah Dearie ca. 1895 in NYC and had 3 children: James, Isabel and Angela. Does anyone know more about the DeVito's or Rubino's from San Fele? I would appreciate hearing from you, if you are related to the DeVito or Rubino families or if you are familiar with this family.

I hope someone in San Fele has some proof of being related to my Rubino great grandmother. She's been dead since 1915, and even my father who is 86 yrs. old, didn't even know of her existence. It has been through my research and getting death certificates, etc. that I have been able to find out about his mother's family, and trace her back to San Fele, so I hope that some living Rubino in San Fele is related to my great-great-grandfather Michele Rubino, and his daughter Angela Rosa. I have written to the authorities in San Fele, but they came up with a different Rubino, born in a different year. So I'm still searching. I have found that you can't believe everything on a death cerificate regarding women's ages...therefore you need more than one coroborating source.

if my great-great grandmother is related to the current residents of San Fele it made me think about her son Pasquale/Michele DeVito who married Pasqualina Lanza(in the USA). Paqualina Lanza supposedly came from San Fele if the birth records of her children in 1891 & 1893 hold correct information. The same mid-wife filled out both certificate information and the mid-wife recorded that Pasqualina and Michele both came from San Fele (Pasquale/Michele & Pasqualina are my great grandparents). I bring this up because Pasqualina's mother's maiden name was Sperduto, and the present mayor of San Fele is named Sperduto, so using your logic, I may be related to the Mayor of San Fele... How many Sperduto's came from San Fele, right? I did write him a letter in July, but he did not respond. So I am awaiting to hear from the Rubino's who are living in San Fele, to see if they know about Michele/Pasquale's mother, Rosa Rubino. Michele, according to church records (in USA) where he was married, had him listed as Pasquale, so that is why I use both names. Maybe his baptismal name was Pasquale but he was known as Michele, until he died in 1940.

Well, researching my roots has become a passion of mine. I am trying to find out if the San Fele that is recorded on my grandmother's birth certificate is the right San Fele. Michele told everyone he came from Naples. I found that there is a (Frazione?) San Fele in Avellino, Campania, now part of Montefalcione....but I have heard nothing from that town office yet, either.

But all Ellis Island records use San Fele with no distiction between the one in Avellino and the one in Basilicata. So I assume that if a person mentioned he came from San Fele, it was understood that he meant Potenza, Basilicata.

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From records made available online at and the civil records online at
  • A marriage of a daughter 16 Feb 1884 in Manhattan NY to Pappa Giuseppe: Death of Daniel A. De Vito 16 Oct 1933 at 57 (b.19 Nov 1875);
  • Female Birth records San Fele 1856: 23 Jan, no. 31, Rubino Maria Giovanna of Marco, Maria Genovese; 28 July no. 302, Rubino Maria Giovanna of Saverio, Rosa Lanza;
  • Female Birth records San Fele 1857: 1 Nov, no. 302, Rubino Angela of Donato, Anna Maria Pietropinto?
  • Female Birth records San Fele 1858: 9 Febr, no. 57, img 30, Rubino Angela Rosa of Giuseppe Rubino of late Francesco 40, Maria Tomasino? 36; address "al Forcello";

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