Scattone families from Anzi

Posted by Ernest Scatton on 11/13/03 at 3:58 PM

I would be grateful for any information regarding Scattone families from Anzi, many members of which emigrated to US in late 1800s and early 1900s. I'm particularly interested in etymology/history of the name.

I tried various dictionaries but was unable to find a definition. I am puzzled why it is not in the surname dictionary, which I've also consulted. In the one historical reference I have found (in a history of the region), there is reference to "Paolo di Stefano di Anzi, detto Paolicchio Scattone".

From this it sounds as if "Scattone" was being used as a nickname.

Many thanks.

Update from Forums' Editor

The nickname is clearly "Paolicchio", not "Scattone", and he was a "brigand" leader of 500 men, fighting against the occupying French troops.

"Da ricordare anche la distruzione di Anzi avvenuta il 19 luglio 1807: i briganti, guidati dall'anzese Paolicchio Scattone, torturarono e bruciarono semivivo il sindaco Brancati. Incendiarono pure molti palazzi signorili, gli archivi comunali ed ecclesiastici." From Giacomo Racioppi, Storia della Lucania e della Basilicata, Roma, Ermanno Loescher & C., 1889. Ristampa anastatica, Matera, Grafica BMG.

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