Re: Smilari, Buccolo, Blumetti

Posted by Jeanette on 11/18/03 at 12:44 AM

Subject:   Re: Smilari, Buccolo, Blumetti

I have seen some records, but would like would like to know the relationship between several Smilari surnamed persons who married Blumetti relatives of mine. My great grandfather, Annibale Blumetti, was married to Caterina Smilari and then to Serafina Smilari, I assume that Caterina had died. His brother Pietro Agostino Blumetti married Maria Isabella Smilari. His sister, Elena Blumetti, marrried a Francesco Smilari. So, three Blumetti siblings married four persons named Smilari. These marriages took place between 1881 and 1893.(Annibale did not marry my grandfather's mother, Rose Blumetti. As there were so many Blumetti's I do not know if they were distantly related or not.)I would also like to know for whom the Palazzo Blumetti was named and who owned and operated the Blumetti Flour Mill.

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