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Posted by Ernest Scatton on 11/27/03 at 9:28 AM

In Reply to: Scattone/Garramone family from Anzi posted by Nancy Glover on 11/26/03 at 7:04 PM:

Dear Nancy:

I just took a look at this note after responding to your response. I noticed in this message that one of Pietro Scattone's children was named Rocco. That is the name of my grandfather, whose father was Francesco (he's the one who emigrated about 1886 or so). And living in Hazleton at the end of the 19th century was another Rocco Scattone from Anzi, who came there also in the 1880s. I have lots of info on that family. That family and my dad's considered themselves cousins. Do you know the way Italians traditionally named their kids? First and oldest boy after father's father. So if your Rocco is the oldest, there is a reasonable possibility that all these Roccos are named after the same grandfather. And if memory serves me correct, there is a Rocco in the geneology of the Cleveland group. Do you have any birthdates or other data that you could share with me?

My Rocco was born in Anzi in 1879 (according to his death certificate) or 1884 (backing into birth year from information on the 1920 and 1930 census). We think his sister Lucia was two years older. Rocco was the oldest boy. I think we are on to something with a common Grandfather. Rocco's mother Firenza died in 1941 at about 87 years of age. She was living with her daughter Lucia Scattone DelGenio in Chicago and my Mother was present at her deathbed along with her cousins. Firenza married Pietro Scattone in Italy. Family lore is that he had Tuscan ancestry, and was a "merchant." My family always said he was literate in several languages and well traveled. Francesco brother? I'll bet he was!

All the best, Ernie

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