Lancieri from Tito + Potenza Province

Posted by Grace Olivo on 04/09/03 at 2:16 PM

I'm always looking for any LANCIERI or LANGIERI from Potenza Province - Tito, Picerno, Oppido Lucano, Satriano, Melfi, Rapolla, etc., etc. I'm transcribing all the civil and church records for the town of Tito. I have all 21 microfilms from the LDS on permanant loan at the FHC. When I am through, every birth, death and marriage record in Tito for a 100 year period will be available to other researchers online, with the film number and record number included so they can order the film and view a particular record themselves if they want to. Currently, I have completed 1809 through 1840, which has taken over a year to do. It's very time consuming and a great deal of work, but it is my labor of love.

Take a look if you're interested:

Grace Olivo

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