Birthplace of Birthplace of Giuseppe (Jose) Brando

Posted by Carla on 01/29/04 at 9:52 PM

My great grandfather Giuseppe (or Guiseppe/Jose) Brando, left from Napoli to New York. I am trying to find his city of birth in Italy, his name was Giuseppe Brando, born between 1840 and 1850; left from Napoli somewhere between 1875-1880; and later left USA between 1881-1883 (never returned to USA or Italy, instead relocated to South America).

Thanks a lot, Carla

Update from Forums' Editor

From present results in the white pages the most probable places of origin in the Province of Potenza are Acerenza and Maratea. Being the surname common in these places, you might need some more information as name of parents or birthdate to be sure a Giuseppe Brando you might find in the civil records - available online at - is your ancestor.

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