Trupo family from Cersosimo

Posted by Beth on July 24, 2004 at 20:56:35:

I believe my great grandfather, Vincenzo Trupo (also spelled Trupi, Truppa, Tropolino and Troupe in the United States), emigrated to the United States at the age of 25 from Cersosimo in 1883. He was a farmer in Cersosimo. He was married to Filomena DiMarco and they had four children when he emigrated.

He left Filomena and the four children behind while he earned enough money for their passage. By the time he earned the money for them, all four of the children had died, probably of cholera.

I believe Filomena emigrated by herself in 1889 when she was 28. Once she was in the United States, she and Vincenzo had four more children: Teresina (or Teresa), Giuseppe, Antonio, and Rosina (Rosa). They lived in Kansas City, MO. Vincenzo died some time between 1900 and 1910. Filomena died some time after 1930. She supported herself and her children by taking in laundry.

There are apparently 8 Trupo families still in Cersosimo. Does anyone know of the Trupos in Cersosimo and has anyone heard of the Vincenzo and Filomena Trupo who emigrated in 1883 and 1889?

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From records made available online at and the civil records online at
  • Birth records in Cersosimo: years 1850-1860 only one Vincenzo Trupo. 1852, 14 Nov. no. 36, img 37-8 - father Nicola of late Vincenzo, 37 mother Rosa Valicenti 31
  • Marriage record no. 5 21 Sept 1843 Giuseppe Antonio Trupo 21 of Vincenzo and Angela Rosa Stasi with Rosa Smilari 22
  • Birth record no. 4 1822: Giuseppe Antonio Trupo of Vincenzo and Angela Rosa Stasi
  • Marriage record no. 3, 2 Febr 1817 Vincenzo Trupo 25 of late Nicola and Maddalena Vir.... 50; with Angiola Rosa Stasi 27 of late Lorenzo and Isabella Cirigliano 50

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