Looking for the family of Frank Viggiano

Posted by David Lisiecki on 05/06/03 at 11:46 AM

My name is David Lisiecki, I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA. My grandfather's name was Anthony Viggiano and he had 3 sisters, Mary, Isabella, and i'm sorry I cant remember the 3rd sister's name. He also had a brother named Frank who was in the USA but went back to Italy to be with his mother right before the start of WW2. After the war, I was told he was not able to get back to the USA.

My great grandfather, Joseph came to the USA about 1924 and left his wife in Italy, she did not want to come to the USA. They stayed married and from time to time he went back to see her. Also I was told that I think Francesco Viggiano's family moved up to Switzerland or Northern Italy. If any of this sounds like family please let me hear from you.

David Lisiecki

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