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Posted by Ann McCormick Ganly on May 11, 2005 at 06:42:39:

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Hi Florence

I saw 'Marsicovetre' and started cheering & bouncing as though I had won the lottery. ;-)

My great-grandfather was named Giuseppe Pennilli (Pinnilli, Pennelli - spellings got confused when they immigrated - one part of the family adopted the name Bennelli and later dropped the 'i' and became Bennell - whew... confusing. Hence my excitement when I read your post.)

My great-grandmother was Ann Suttarelli. They were married in Marsicovetere around 1880. The village was not that large. Our ancestors probably, at least, knew each other.

My grandmother, Maria, their 3rd child and only daughter was born there on September 17, 1890. One of my cousins traced my grandfather's family (LaNinfa from Arce, Lazio) back to Marco Conti b.1745 in San Giovanni Campano. Inspired by Mario, I started researching Grandma's family.

I will ask my mother if Masino and Toscano are names that are familiar to her. She is 94, so the memory is somewhat hit and miss. (Good days/bad days) Toscano does sound very familiar to me.

If you'd like, feel free to contact me off-list and as I am researching Grandma's family if I come across any info regarding your families I'll pass it on. What part of the US did your family immigrate to? My family settled in the Federal Hill area of Providence, RI.

Best wishes along your search

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