Billotti/Bellotti/Billatti/Billotte family search-Help!

Posted by Holly Schultz on October 21, 2006 at 23:03:21:

I am looking for information on one of my family lines with the last name of Billotti/Billotte/Bellotti and I am running into nothing but dead ends. I have been told that they came from the Naples or Basilicata area and there is no more information to be found in the US because the parents died and the kids were placed on an orphan train and divided up amongst 3 different families. They were so distraught at the events that they never talked about it and now the family is trying to find our roots for genealogy purposes. If you have specifice information on Giusseppi Billotti/Bellotti, Catherina Billotti/Bellotti formerly Breveta or Lacreta and their children Pasquale, Vincenzo, Rosa and Anna I would be very appreciative. I was told they had 1st cousines in New york when they arrived by the name of pascasello/Posticelli/Pascucello, etc. They came over in the 1880's with two of their children and had the two girls after they arrived in the US. The girls were born in 1888 and 1890. There are some records saying they arrived in Pennsylvania first but the records during that time period are very limited at best. I was hoping that someone would see the surname and be able to give me concrete information or tell me how to search for this information over in Italy. I know that the information is just waiting to be discovered, but I am ready to give up because I have been searching for 17 years and can't get anything in Italy to prove where my family came from or even what the correct spelling of our last name is!!!!!Please contact me if you can piece the mystery together:) Holly

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