Relatives living in Forenza or Potenza area.

Posted by Robert C Sonek on July 12, 2007 at 06:26:29:

My grandfather, Francesco Giugno, immigrated from Forenza in the early 1900's to New York City. I was trying to learn if there are any distant "Giugno's" still living in Forenza or nearby? I have seen references to a Padre Emilio Giugno who appears to have written some books on Forenza but this is as far as I have proceeded in locating any remaining Giugno's in Forenza. My grandfather and grandmother never naturalized as U.S. citizens and my family and I are eligible for obtaining Italian citizenship. All documemtation has been secured and provided to our local Italian Consulate but the process is slow. So far nothing has been received from Forenza that has shed any light on the subject of living relatives in Italy. Thank you!

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Subject: Re: Relatives living in Forenza or Potenza area.
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