Researching Fanelli family from Laurenzana

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Fanelli family from Laurenzana, Potenza also Nigro/Nigri connection.
Rocco Salvatore Fanelli born 11 June 1857 to Vito Fanelli and Maria Parella. Married Marie Gaetana Galgano before immigrating. Most of their children say in naturalization and other documents they were born San Mauro Forte. Parents of Marie Gaetano Galgano born 1856, (Laurenzana) were Teoddio Galgano and Angiolina Leta (Lieti). She had siblings who also came to Chicago--Rosa and Giovanni.

Husband's other maternal greatgrandparents also from Laurenzana. Luigi Nigre/-i/-o married a Strazuiso daughter---called Angela/Adeline at turn of century. He was born 1853, she unknown DOB but believe father was William. May have had a brother (John) who settled in Chicago as well.

Looking for siblings for Rocco Salvatore, Luigi, and other family connections.

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Subject: Researching Fanelli family from Laurenzana
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