Antonio of Angelo Lanzetta from Bella

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I am researching my great grandfather Antonio Lanzetta who was born in 1886 in Bella Potenza and my great great grandfather Angelo Lanzetta who was native to Bari(?). Angelo was a pyrotechnician and godfather to the modern day Grucci fireworks. Antonio may be an adopted son to Angelo from a previous marriage of his wife's. I am looking for information regarding the Lanzetta's of the Potenza region as they relate to my grandfathers. Any help would be much appreciated.
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From records available online at and civil records online at


Questa storia inizia nel 1850. Quando Angelo Lanzetta, a Bari, diventa apprendista in una piccola bottega artigianale di fuochi d’artificio.... Sbarcato a Ellis Island nel 1870, Lanzetta si insedia a Elmont, Long Island e insegna l’arte di produrre “bombe” e razzi a suo figlio. Poi, nel 1920, è il nipote, Felix Grucci, a prendere le redini dell’attività, aprendo una fabbrica di fuochi d’artificio a Bellport.

From an interview to Phil Grucci "Angelo Lanzetta, my 2nd great grandfather... was born in Bari, Italy and immigrated to the USA in 1880 with his son, Anthony Lanzetta."

However, no births for any Lanzetta are recorded in Bari 1849-1850-1851.

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