Sassone in Melfi

Posted by Jacqueline Sassone on May 31, 2010 at 18:53:25:

Searching for relatives of Michelangelo (Michael) Sassone. Sailed on the Cretic in 1913 to USA. Born 1895, passed 1951. Had 4 brothers, Alexander immigrated to USA, 3 brothers stayed in Italy. Melfi(?) Also had 6 sisters, Raffaella (Moscaritolo) immigrated to US also, 5 sisters stayed in Italy. Married in US to Incoronata Montinarello in 1919, Rochester NY. Together they had four children: Daniel (Donato), James (Vincenzo), Palmina and Michael Jr, who died as a child in 1936. Michelangelo and Incoronata were my grandparents. All but one elder left here, Palmina. She is 84 and knows no history.


FAMILY FOUND! After 8 months of research I have found relatives in Melfi, PZ Italy. Amazingly the surviving children of the elders had wondered for years about the "American Family" that over time and loss of elders, ties had been broken. It has been a wild ride to meet cousins and relations I never knew existed! They are computer literate, the children are better at English than the older ones, but it is possible to communicate through a computer translator. I encourage those of you out there to keep trying. Think outside of the box, be a detective. Try misspelling names, use your libraries data bases, your local Genealogical club/group. Don't give up! Finding just ONE document can open the floodgates for you. I wish you all the best, keep hunting.

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