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Mishele Pricolo DOB: July 3, 1877 possibly from Grumento Nova Naples Italy, but the last place of residence was Saponara as stated on the ships manifest. He left Naples Italy on September 7, 1900 on the Kaiser Wilhelm ship and arrived at the Port of New York on September 20, 1900. Joined his brother in Los Banos CA before moving to Stockton CA. DOD: July 1, 1929 in Stockton California. Belong to the (U.P.E.C. organization.)? exactly where was he born in Italy?

His wife Luvisa (Luigia/Louise) Pricolo do not know maiden name DOB: December 24, 1877 possibly San Grumento Nova Naples, Italy, but last residence was Saponara as stated on the ships manifest. She left Naples on June 8 1905 on the Sardegna Ship with young son Giovanni and Antonio with her. She arrived at the Port of New York on June 23, 1905. When she arrived the note takers spelled her name Luigia Pricola.
Also numbers located next to her name on the manifest are 22X25756505 4/29/42 and on her son Antonio 22X23094505 9/4/41 DOD: January 12, 1966 San Joaquin.
On the ship's manifest it said she was joining her husband Mishele in Los Banos. So Where they moved to Stockton CA shortly after. I am sure it is her. Also in the 1910 census it said they had boarders, if I am correct: Augo Alamino, Peter and Ben Conscrici, and James Ferirri. Mishele and Luvisa' address was 1104 E Sonora, Stockton CA.

Mishele owned a grocery store at 414 S Union St. Stockton, CA. Does anyone know Luvisa' maiden name and where exactly Michele and her were born at in Italy. Also what was the name of their grocery store in Stockton? They would have had owned it about 1908 to 1930. Son took over after Mishele died. Also note takers spelled our name Pricola, but my great grandparents kept it Pricolo. Thank you
Pamela M Pricolo-Tamez

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Saponaria di Grumento (or Saponaria) was the old name of Grumento Nova until 1932.

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