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Posted by Rose Ann Lanzetta on January 25, 2012 at 23:33:18:

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Amanda, thanks for getting in touch with me...yes we are related my dad John Lanzetta and your grandfather Angelo Lanzetta were brothers. My family ranges from Patchogue Long Island, Brooklyn, NY and Morristown, NJ. I am building a family tree for my grandchildren and need help locating birth and marriage records for family born and married in the Bella Potenza region as far back as possible.

When his dad and brother died in that explosion,(I believe was in '39), my father was unable to watch fireworks again. Having just become a great great grandmother I wanted to show my kids were they came from before their history gets pushed out by new histories. I just got started on my search and want to delve deeper into our roots by going past Angelo. Seeings how everyone, but my dad, was born, and some married, in Italy, I was wondering if you could direct me to a reliable site in Italy. I want to research birth and marriage papers. I'm interested in the maiden names of the women, I believe will help me go as far into our roots as possible.

Amanda, would you happen to know the name of the cemetery in Patchogue that the family was buried in? I believe it was near your grandfather's house by a lake? I think on 2nd street? I may be wrong it's been a while since I've been there. I know there are two there and I think it is the St. Frances something. Are you aware of the NJ side of the "sisters"? They never crossed the state line due to some unforgiveable misdeed someone committed. When we would ask, aunt Anna would start talking in Italian so fast it was hard to pick out words. Aunt Emma would just change the subject. We kids would just laugh. It's hard remembering the family. I miss them so. Everytime I make sauce I try to get the right aroma. My fondest memory is walking into aunt Emma's and aunt Kate's (in Brooklyn) and smelling their sauce before you even got to the front door. It always brings me home with a smile and a tear.
Thanks again and any help would be appreciated.

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