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Posted by Michael Nasca (aka Nasco) on October 07, 2019 at 00:50:12:

In Reply to: Nasca family from Spinoso posted by Don Nasca on 02/07/04 at 1:10 AM:


I realize that your inquiry was dates
many years ago (2004) but I am
assuming that you remain interested
in the info you requested and this
email will be delivered to you.

I am a first generation descendant of
the Spinoso Nasca family. My father
was born there and I can trace my
heritage for 5 generations to Spinoso.
Many of the people on the list you
published are my DIRECT relatives.
My Grandfather was a blacksmith in
Spinoso, and descended form the
family of blacksmiths in Spinoso.

I personally have been to Spinoso
several times, have cousins there (and
in Montemurro nearby) and know the
area rather well.

Please contact me directly if you are
till interested.


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